Further Things That Are Wrong


Taxi driver with the clumsiest attempt to make me pay twice. Bitch was seething when I noticed and i slow rollled her.


How on earth did she try that?
And what is “slow rolled”?


Pretended he was going to pay her and slowly counted the money before calling her out on it.

Slow rolling was a fond trick of the on course bookies before the advent of electronic dockets with your winnings printed on it. If they were paying out someone who looked like a mug, they might hold the last note for a few seconds longer to see if the punter turned away thinking he’d been paid in full.


Informative rating.


Manys the harmless ould divil that got stitched up like a kipper


Insisted I paid her before journey commenced. I settled on a deposit. At journey end she announces the gross fare. I asked her if she was taking into account the deposit.

Slow rolled is a term from poker where you play really slowly to unsettle an opponent.

I said I had hip issues and took ages to get out of taxi as time is money so she lost the plot.


Slow roll means that you have the nuts in poker but delay in turning over your winning hand at showdown. It does drive lads demented.


Sounds like you laid down quite a marker there


3 different meanings so far


He really showed her.


Incredible tekkers out of the high flying corporate lawyer to get one over on a taxi driver.


Cheers pal.


Do you look a bit dodgy.


Surely he got Uber, rather than over


The geeballs who consider formula 1 to be a sport



Spelling of tolerated is very wrong.


It’s time for these lads to start pressing charges.Until then there’ll be no change.


Terrified to do so. You’re dealing with some awful knackers I’d say.


This the scummy soccer crowd ye?