Further Things That Are Wrong

OK pal

You’re young looking for your age, farmer.


Is that @Matty_Hislop?


@glasagusban making history

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I read about this lad elsewhere. The ‘Ronseal of paedophiles’, according to his fucking defence counsel :rofl:


I’d say you see a lot of yourself in that nonce.



I see a lot of him in you.

When you look at him you are looking in the mirror.

That’s because you are him.

It’s you. We all know it.

You’re very defensive about being outed.

You need to stop projecting Bedsit Bhoy.

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You’re a projector, Fanta Pants.

You’re doing all the projecting here Jason. Tell us again why you don’t like having sex with women. :smile:

Because I’m asexual. I don’t have sexual desires.

Why do you want to travel the world noncing up young kids?

Asexual :smile:

Are you on the run from Northern Ireland because you are a nonce?

I runs from nobody.