Further Things That Are Wrong


Do you think you should just be allowed to cancel and leave them in the lurch at a whim?


In the lurch? I haven’t paid them a penny and they 7 months to sell the space to a show that always sells out.

Would you pay a cancellation fee for something that you’ve paid no deposit when when you’ve zero legal obligations to do so? If ‘yes’ please forward me your business address.


If I wanted to go back there again and it was valuable to my business I probably would, yes.

if you don’t care about your business’ reputation. Carry on regardless


id be surprised if that was the case, normally they would include a canx fee in the T&Cs when signing up.


40% ? and with 7 months notice? — I’d say something if it was within 4-6 weeks … But that’s the Brits for you, all you have to do is look at Brexit to tell you how they do business ----


He’ll be called to heel when Viper Debt Collectors show up at his door.


If I didn’t mind being blacklisted for the event they wouldn’t get a penny off me.

If I did, I’d pay the fee. If it is something that would generate revenue for me in the future. Simple


There is, but the contracts in marketing are rarely enforceable and it’s hardly worth doing so considering the level of business that we do with them for other events.


would it be worth it to keep them onside?

How much are we talking here?


It makes more sense for them to keep us onside as they’ll sell the space anyhow and it won’t affect their revenue.

If they don’t play ball we’ll cancel the other show and will finish with them when we have planned to do one show a year with them going forward.


Good man… The tans are on the floor. Time to stand on their neck and crush their windpipe.


No surprise to see the @croppy_boy lead the revolt against the cunts.


so you do have legal obligations to pay, thanks for clearing that up


That red oily dirty shitty stuf they put on chicken and other stuff these days.
It ends up everywhere and some mess to clean up.


English advertising sales people are the worst. Just had one of the phone, I get 4/5 calls per week from them.

Told them at the start that I didn’t want anything they were selling. They keep going until you give them some small hope that they can call back in the future. Most calls end up with me saying ‘The answer is going to be no but if you want send an email and I’ll put it on file for future reference’. The response is always 'Excellent, well then I’ll send you that and check in with you on that in a few weeks. Please don’t the answer will be no.

Few weeks later then call comes in and starts with ‘So did you look over my proposal’ - No I told you I wouldn’t you gimp.


Indeed, however these T&Cs work both ways and they haven’t fulfilled some of theirs so it works both ways.

It would be a major headache for them chasing it up with a company in a different country.


its a lot easier than you think. then again, they could register your company with Experian or another credit reference agency which could cost you business in the UK and the wider EU.

in summation, I wouldn’t be as blasé about it


So you basically lie to sales people to tell them what they want to hear and then get upset when they do what you agreed to?


No I told them outright what I intended to do and repeated it when they called back.


Fair enough but I don’t think the terms and condition they they have in place are as enforceable as you believe - going from experience of dealing with these things previously in relation to trade shows.

I’ll keep you posted.