Further Things That Are Wrong


and theyre probably meetings for the sake of meetings. poor chap probably doesn’t know how to filter down to the essential meetings or to push back on why he should be there and why the cock of an organizer thinks he can schedule outside of core hours


Eh, you realise he may not be in some cushy civil service number like you? (and me)


Ive done in it in the private sector too. unless hes some mindless worker drone from sector 7G, he still has the power of no on his side.


Don’t mind them, go to your meeting, be positive, contribute and then at 5:30 take control and start summarising what needs to actioned and get out of there.


Lads wearing caps/hats indoors
Wrong on a few levels


Upstairs and downstairs.


:joy: The old ones are the best.


No mention of scarf wearing funboys?


:clap: some lad with a gripe obviously.


It was a woman :face_with_monocle:


She needs a kick in the babymaker.

Also, I got ripped apart here a few weeks back for demanding meetings with management after 5:00pm on fridays etc. The same lads are now saying it’s ok :thinking:


Kick her in the fanny Kelly!


There’s a difference between a Wednesday and a Friday


Especially when you are out the gap by 12:30 on a Friday :smiley:


If you don’t have a meeting @5:00 the 12:30 finish is grand …




Significantly heavier sentence than many of the Asian child rapist gang members got for far more prolonged and vicious crimes on far more vulnerable children. Still, I suppose it wasn’t in London.


This one should should have her skinned flayed off then be thrown in a vat of acid


And they say the devil doesn’t exist


Lads who go to Cheltenham for the weekend and spend their evening on TFK.

Go live a little lads. As good as TFK is, there is more to life than it.