Further Things That Are Wrong


Fixed that for you


A good INTERNET guy could surely pull a few examples of The Beehive Boys posting during the Fez.


Does that make it right ?


Cheltenham isn’t a great spot. The only good thing about the festival is the crowd and the buzz.

The town itself is dull as fuck outside the festival


The best thing about the festival is the racing for me




Obviously. The town is great craic after it as well.


That’s some crash


Some reports say she had a fractured spine but she must be alright. Only 17 :hushed:


That was some crash. Fucking hell.


The car took off like a missile.


Wimmin drivers


Da fuck did that happen?


Looks like complete brake failure


Women can’t drive past shops


All the cunts with the phones up straight away.

The car seemed to have flipped around so it was the back of it going into the wall.


certainly brings a new meaning to “I’ll just quickly pop into this shop”


That’s extreme rubber necking.
the lunatic went to overtake up the inside there.

I’d say you’d want a new pair of boxers if you were one of the lads in orange the car flew over


It’s in the Irish Times today that there’s a woman in Cork who sexually abused her little brother but only got 6 months because she has diabetes. She was 21 and he was 9.


Surfing :smile: