Further Things That Are Wrong


Yes. 20% rather than 80%.

What’s your point?


You paid a cancellation fee. Please forward me your business address…




I don’t know how people don’t see this, it makes my skin crawl.


The toy show is a bastion of prejudice and privilege. One would hope that some toys, and possibly children will be non gender specific?


In saying that - there were a couple of cases in recent years that were very heart warming - The young lad meeting Robbie Keane … the kid that was burned in a petrol bomb attack in Moyross etc. etc… there should be a lot more of that stuff and a lot less of Tubridy.

As for those Billy Barry types… I’ve hated them since I was a kid.


For all his faults this isn’t one of them imo, he’s really good with the kids in general.

The toy show remains a huge part of the build up to Christmas for kids, it’s a hot topic in schools, and not just the toys, what will the intro be etc, it’s actually incredible how popular it is in tne times we live in


Just be thankful that you’re not going to be forced to watch it. :frowning_man:


Same as that. Plenty of grounds for criticism generally, but he handles all the toy show stuff well.


Who the fuck are these mysterious Billy Barry kids? Where do they come from, what do they do for the rest of the year? Do they live in the north Pole with the elves?




he is off his head on personal


The question was who are these Billy Barry kids and Art uses it as opportunity to have a pop off another woman. Christ.


I put up a picture of Lorraine barry with no comment but yet you perceive it as an attack on women??

youre a class one weirdo


Careful, he might be profiling.


I despair


She is no relation to Billie Barry. But I like this game.



different Lorraine barry at the school, oops


love an aul hop off of that