Further Things That Are Wrong


Oh you will be in trouble for that sexist statement.


You can’t help yourself, your go to response is to have a pop off a woman.


The ninja edit. Nice one @artfoley




Me too, old men ranting about harmless kids TV shows is the way it’s gone now I suppose


I’m not watching that facking nonce.


Do ye have an equivalent show up in the North?


Amen to that. Little cunts. The parents are worse.


Another thing about The Late Late Toy Show is the annual guff about demand for audience tickets. “Just can’t get them, I’ve had 100’s of requests etc”

Fair enough if you’ve a child taking part in the show but otherwise what type of cunt would go to this.

Was great a few years back when some lady won something like 10 grand and Toy Show tickets. She goes “I’ll take the money, you can keep the tickets.” :clap:


I might have known superdad would be on to defend him.


Everything these days is about mid 30s/early 40s parents using their children to generate social media likes for themselves. It’s disgusting.

“Look what I got little Mary for the toy show!!! The excitment is unreal” with a picture of buckets of sweets and special toyshow pyjamas.

Meanwhile, in real life little Mary is asleep on the couch at 8pm and couldn’t give a flying fuck about the toy show.


I don’t know how he does it in fairness


Little Johnny is happy enough with his iPad.


Actually while I’m ranting, another absolutely sickening attempt to garner likes recently was a post with a new born child, it went something like

“here’s little Alan watching the Celtic Game, not impressed with the tactics”

WTF like??




Little Alan knows his onions. His old fella deserves a flogging


bit harsh on bandage


little johnny is great on the ipad


My bhoy is indifferent to tactics at the moment, his mood is dictated solely by results.


That’s the way its gone these days.