Further Things That Are Wrong


Has he the offside rule mastered yet?


That makes no sense but I’ll accept the compliment in the spirit it was no doubt intended


Thinly veiled I have the coordination of a hippo


ill be sitting back watching this as i do every year and spouting bile on the internet with a nice glass of jameson whiskey in my hand, probably crested.


Nope. Even the godless huns watch Rte.


Mate, those type of people are everywhere. You need to ignore that shit of it will eat you up.

A bit like I discovered after around two years on here.


Little Mary or little Johnny?


The Late Late Show thread will be box office tomorrow night.


This is what I’m getting at.

Twitter is awash with dicks like this with their quirky posts about the toy show. Aren’t you the funny man altogether? Will you go viral, will you?

Prick. :gun:



He’s a rugby fan too ‘mourning’ Joe Scmidt leaving


Folks discussing vulture funds and mortgages in the Traveler thread.


Just because you’re not drinking on a night out, people having a go at you, and asking if it’s boring not drinking… ffs…


Cunts singing “The Fairy Tale of New York” . He a few drinks sing it last night .


Twitter just seems an awful experience to subject yourself to. A Munster of cunts.


@Bandage I passed a pub today with a sign outside declaring proudly they would be showing the Toy Show tonight. CUNTS.


Name and shame.


3176 likes. 600+ retweets. The country is fucked.


I see some dick from joe.ie is going to live tweet the toy show too.


Shur there’s been fuck all else on the radio all day bar the toy show. Anybody running a book on how many boxes of persil Ryan will get through tonight?


I might get the IPTV guy to kill the stream for the night