Further Things That Are Wrong


No strong enough I think. Held back a bit.


Don’t be lying now. :grinning:


Christmas FM is terrific stuff to dip in and out of. Never fails to put you in the spirit. A must tune in every holiday period.


Christmas FM is great to throw on in the car with the children. Very easy to change the station if you don’t like it.


Taz is just trying to be edgy :slight_smile:

Radio Stations banning Baby its Cold Outside, now thats whats fucking wrong.


the Gucci gang from Blanch


oh fuck


an auld bit of Wham always gets me in the mood.


id agree with your there
its an iconic song alright. i think its the intro


I always start thinking of my childhood when I hear the first few bars, in some sort of innocent way. It kind of puts the hairs standing


Poignant as George Michael died on Christmas Day 2 years ago .


I thought that was windup at the time, but when the reality hit I could not stop crying for an hour


A great song.


You must have been very close?


He gave him his heart…


the first 5 seconds, magic, I’m sitting here in the sun in Spain but it still works for me, up Christmas, Up Wham


George was an awful nice man, helped out a lot of people, and never went looking for attention


I recall from my Smash Hits reading days it was originally envisaged as Last Summer and then they added the sleighbells and changed Summer to Christmas. A wonderful song and even better video.


An hour was a bit much though. The englander love a good public outpouring of faux grief. Poor Di’s funeral was an obscenity.


so atmospheric