Further Things That Are Wrong


Did you weep much when Di died?


why do you hate England?


Good jaysus what a bunch of women on here.


It really encapsulates Christmas. For many a bitter sweet moment.


There’s a whole television series about it.


“Last Christmas” had its beginnings in 1984, while George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley were visiting Michael’s parents on an ordinary Sunday. After having something to eat and while everyone was sitting together relaxing, Michael went unnoticeably upstairs for an hour or so. He came back downstairs excited, as if he had discovered gold. He and Ridgeley went upstairs to Michael’s old bedroom where he had kept a keyboard to record sparks of inspiration, and played Ridgeley the introduction and chorus melody to “Last Christmas”, which Ridgeley later called “a moment of wonder”.[5]


That reads like a @Juhniallio excuse if I ever heard one.


I don’t Sir. I don’t even dislike them. I wouldn’t have it in me to hate anyone, not even the tories.


You had me til the last line.


My printer/scanner ran out of ink. It won’t let me scan now because the ink is low.

This is wrong, very wrong.


wring it is.


No, I want to scan.


Are you sure this isn’t another one of those situations where modern technology has bested you, pal?


Scan it with your phone


Before we rush to judge you yet again as a Luddite, give us the make and model of the machine


Use your phone mate.


I think to be fair to the chap some of the cheap models don’t allow you to do anything if the ink is gone to force people to spend more money.
The obvious solution is to take the cartridge out shake it for a bit and see if you can trick the printer into thinking there’s some ink left.


The obvious solution is to extend his thumb and shove it up his hole but your solution might just work too.


I’m fairly sure, yea.


what make of a printer is it @habanerocat

some of them have overrides for this bullshit.