Further Things That Are Wrong


how did she lose her job fairly?


How did she not


I’ve no idea about it mate, that’s why I’m asking. I’m not familiar with how RTE employ staff

did she have to interview for her own job?


It’s interesting how some lads are able to jump to conclusions that she lost her job fairly and squarely, and other lads are able to jump to conclusions that she lost her job unfairly, on the basis of so little information.


Yes, in line with the agreement negotiated by her union.


It’s the internet.


is she a union member?


Mysoginists are very strong on this topic, are the snowflakes here as sure?


the only thing we know for certain is that she must have had a strong enough case to get a payoff


RTÉ don’t pay out cash Willy nilly.


im not familiar with many other cases like this tbh


Wanking at a wedding


If only she’d been replaced by a woman…imagine the seethe.
The only reason it’s a story is because a man was appointed to a position formerly held by a woman. Apparently this is not permissable.


You sound like you have some inside information. Post it up there.


another TFK member rallying against the way men are treated in Ireland

has this forum gone mental?


It wouldn’t be inside information then


Me? I’m just saying, not rallying. I’m sure your wedding (service) etiquette is impeccable btw


That’s the way it’s gone now.


Pretty shitty for anyone not on an old school permanent contract. They’ve forced loads of staff to declare themselves as freelance so as to deny them normal working benefits. This includes signing a contract every year waiving their basic rights. These sttaff get paid a lot less than fulltime even though they work full time and often do the exact same jobs. They’re shitting themselves at present as they had a report commissioned recently( called the Eversheds) which identified over a hundred staff who should have been offered permanent contracts but who haven’t been. However they are currently happy to try to beauty it in legal beaurocracy. A lot of staff in the newsroom would be freelance.

Google eversheds and rte and you’ll see.


More trouble for RTE, the lovely Sharon has made a formal complaint about the treatment she received and had refused to do the 9 o’clock news.

Sharon Ni Bheolain makes a formal complaint to RTE