Further Things That Are Wrong


Mary Fitzgerald was a lightweight. 18 years as a television reporter and managed to stay invisible. Her legacy is not having a contract renewed for a public role nobody noticed she had.

Sharon ni bheolan would want to mind herself. The tide is turning agin this nonsense and the reality is she is a painted up dolly bird with a leather jacket who reads the news with a dirty smile and a wink.
She is very much replaceable.


Not a lightweight


She was brilliant making all sorts of arts and crafts on “How Do You Do?” on Dempsey’s Den/The Den, before unexpectedly changing career paths to cover the Lybian civil war.


The reality is that you haven’t a breeze what goes on in the newsroom or anything involved in the making of the news. Would it amaze you to find out that news readers do more than jut reading the news?


What s your point? Are you in the ni bheolan camp ?


My point is that you are pig ignorant as what her job entails but are still dismissive of her ability. Because you’re a cranky fuck most of the time.


Very defensive. It’s almost like you have a life size cardboard cut out of her.


Would you go and enjoy our Christmas like a good lad.

What a thing to get worked up about. Does your missus read the nuacht or something?


Would a fella even get a horn watching Sharon these days?..
She’s past the sell by date allright


Not in my house they wouldn’t. She’s a painted up lightweight with a flat chest and a dirty smile.


In a previous job a colleague had some dealings with Sharon over the phone.

“A complete bitch” was how he described her.


Only one of us two has ever stalked an rte presenter…




Tremendous stuff here. A lovely lady

This cardboard house beats the shit out of Mar a Lago, too.


Did the restraining order not cover internet posts about her?


I’d well believe it.


Mary had her issues over the years and has had it harder than you can imagine.


What’s the point of this post? He’s pig ignorant about everything, that’s taken as a given. And anyway he’s not cranky, he’s just weak, unfulfilled and filled with resentment.


He asked me a question and I answered it. I know that’s not your style but there you have it.


I swear to fuck! Get away! Did she get paid fot that shite?