Further Things That Are Wrong


This fucking shite


Hopefully someone has already given Gatwick ATC the heads up.


Will Sharon no bheolan be giving an update from air traffic control on the 9 o clock news or has she gone off somewhere in a huff?




NORADs on the case


If some terrorist with a drone got to Lapland they could end Christmas


The pitch in pairc ui Frank. It’s like an ice rink. Limerick v Cork on tg4


It may well be doubling up as one. Big debt to pay down y’know


Christ, if Shane Ross is in charge of coordinating Santa’s visit there are going to be a lot of very disappointed children in the morning.


Anyone around Stepaside should be ok.


I just finished a Tommy tit there and there was no Jax roll in the house. Happy Christmas my arse I said to myself.


Fine stab though


Prick would probably have him breatlysed and done for speeding.


Hope you didn’t venture into the next line @Fagan_ODowd😲


Shops are closed tomorrow. Would you not call over to the Neighbours and borrow a few sheets? Or tell the nephew to bring up a few in the morning?


Or even give Ray the butcher a bell…
Ray, the turkey is rancid you fucker.Bring another immediately and oh! when you’re popping up being a few big rolls.

Yeah Fagan…



Agreed, all bone & no meat.


Ross had Santa arrested overnight for failing the bag


People on Instagram putting up videos of their kids opening presents. In some cases only babies.

Fucking idiots.