Further Things That Are Wrong


Yep, they should be doing it on Facebook and Twitter.


A bit harsh on the kids - a couple more Christmases and they’ll have figured out how to do it better


I was stunned reading that yesterday, would be on that road regularly which made it seem more real, weirdly. A shockingly unlucky thing to happen, made worse by the time of year.


Just belongs in this thread


The absolute fucking state of MacAuley


Jasus that’s an awful tragedy


The absolute fucking state of you not having anything better to do at midday on Christmas day than trawl through sportsfile and post it on here.


The picture they posted on social media you mean?


That’s actually embarrassing. Big time. What a crowd of tits. H’on Kildare…


It’s a lovely thing to do tbf, Brogan and MacAuley have been doing it for years. But the absolute gimp of yer man is off the chain


Those salmon pink leggings are the business - I must get meself a pair of those.

Lovely generous pocket room too by the looks of things.

The leggings would look great with this present I got today, I think.


Did you hear he’s after packing in his teaching job to go work with a community group in the north inner city


Girl on my team was just telling me about her 29 yr old mate who is going out with a 63 year old fella.


Fair play to your dad all the same


Girl I grew up with married a 63 year old when she was around 30 – She went to school with his daughter … that’s mad ted.


Is he hung like a donkey or dripping money or both?


could be that, or shes utterly rancid


That’s true Art.


even trying to question the moral fibre of an individual based on what he/she was/wasnt wearing when they took some time out to clearly make a few kids and parents happy and break the monotony of a hospital during Christmas is fundamentally wrong.
The problem is not with Macauley here boys…


I was told the Laois hurling and football panels visited Portlaoise Hospital on Christmas Day. Lovely gesture. Maybe they should have given Ray McManus a call though.