Further Things That Are Wrong


I’d say there was a lot of puzzled faces in the hospital


No. Works at the railway. Your wan is decent looking too. Can’t make sense of it


Some older men are very attractive


Not really. Oddly enough Laois players in Laois tracksuits in a Laois hospital are recognisable. Are you as slow of the mind as of the feet?


they might be recognisable but why would anybody give a fuck about them?


Because Muldoons like GAA.


Things weren’t that tough for ye if you grew up with her, daughter of a hurling legend?


I moved out there at 15 — who said things were tough?


The Laois hurlers are usually hospitalizing each other.




Not likely, no Camross fellas in attendance. Cunts.


No “psycho” and you are dealing with a bunch of unknowns .


A tap in.


Everyone’s knows the Bull mate, not to mention ‘Begz’.



We know what thread this really belongs on :rage:


Surely not? Slash hooks aren’t blunt


Fuckers renowned for it NYE getting a lay person to book. Stepped into Trinity Capital hotel for food after ‘fireworks’ on NYE and place was crawling with them with manager looking helpless.




A selfie … chirst above … selfies are one of the most pathetic things that modern humans do. I just dont under stand it.