Further Things That Are Wrong




It’s a dangerous fucking place one or two parts are lethal if you lost your balance your gone.


Big cliffs are like that alright.



Some lad got it all wrong,


I can’t get my head around it


Fellas on holiday in Cancun wearing O Neills shorts


Fellas on holiday in Cancun wearing retro gaa and soccer jerseys for the night out


Do these fellas have girlfriends?


A fella who would wear o neill shorts in a nice resort in cancun would hardly have a girlfriend?

Look like real salt of the earth sound sound lads tho


Full time mad bastard and a graduate of the university of life


Are you on holidays pal?


Im not


Isn’t it always the same, the ol doleys get off for the holidays on the VdeP. Enjoy. Making memories there no doubt.


Did you not read my response?

SvDP dont cover trips outside of europe mores the pity


Have fun, don’t get too much sun on your roaster Cork head


Are you in Cancun? Well for some.


killed taking a selfie at the cliffs of moher



Lads wearing leggings as normal clothing, called meggings.