Further Things That Are Wrong


Wearing trousers that actually reach your feet seems to have gone right out of fashion these days, along with socks. There’s some amount of lardy young fellas out there these days absolutely bet into skinny jeans


Wait till they start wearing them “Meggings”. Hopefully they get arrested for indecent exposure. :slight_smile:


I would have thought the traditionalists would applaud that - “ankle freezers” were all the rage with good conservative Catholic young men in Ireland up to the 1960s.


I can understand ankle socks to an extent even if I wouldn’t wear them with a pair of jeans, but these lads going sockless. Their feet must stink


They’ll probably wear a pair of knickers underneath and declare themselves gender neutral


They have these really short socks now that end below the top of the shoe, which just makes it look like people are going sockless, when they actually aren’t, mate.


If wearing women’s underwear is good enough for the great Sir David Beckham, it should be good enough for anybody else.


Aka butter smugglers


Which will also be coming back into fashion after Brexit.

But if there’s a hard border, the key question could be - would you rather have butter or guns?


V good


If stuck for gun grease sure butter would do


I’ve just had a business meeting with an italian man who as he sat down, licked his fingers and then swept his eyebrows back with the licked fingers before putting out his hand for me to shake it.


A lot of lads here have been TRIGGERED by men wearing leggings.


Personally speaking?


Did he reverse the car out of the car park?


I’m currently wearing a similar salmon pink pair to the ones MDMA was sporting over Christmas.

Cc: of @myboyblue


Brave heart,into the budgie smugglers so?



Ure about 6 months too late with that one


Only got it in a WhatsApp a half hour ago