Further Things That Are Wrong


The missus sending you links to cushions asking your opinion on which one to buy.


Any chance of the message getting lost? :slight_smile:


It was an email.

I wouldn’t mind but I was only after questioning why she was asking me such things earlier in the day.


Just pick one and send her a reply, it doesn’t matter she will pick the other ones. :slight_smile:


Did that!


You’re keeping a tight rein on her.


Uh oh


I meant only allowing her to buy one cushion!!!


You are probably safe the white knight is busy picking himself up after falling off his high horse over on the Twitter thread. :slight_smile:


I once went to a wedding but realised I’d forgotten a tie, so we nipped down to a shop to buy one.
Your man showed me seven or eight he thought would go with the suit and shirt.
“which one will I buy?” I asked herself
“oh, any of them, whichever you like”
“ill take that one so” pointing to one, I said to your man
“why didn’t you pick the blue one?”


SHould that not be on a thread about traveller culture or something?


:joy: yep. Any one at all … except the one you pick.


Bright future in bare Knuckle,acohol abuse,and all the other fine traits of this upstanding minority


Heard it ,but first time actually seeing it,I’d laugh but it’s v sad


Poor man finding this out.


Bloody trollop


Not only that he had to pay her £4 million in a divorce settlement.




Hope her kids give it to her good and hard


Well he certainly couldn’t anyway!