Further Things That Are Wrong


I see another sports person from the north is in bother around sharing inappropriate whatsapps. This time an underage girl.

A footballer this time. What thread is it being discussed on?


What is there to discuss? He had sex with a 16 year old, took a photo, sent it to his mates and got 4 months for his trouble.


There seems to be quite a lot in that to discuss tbf


Celtic non match day discussion


I suppose… Go on then




The good news is I got rid of the Christmas tree finally. The bad news is there’s more of it left in the house and the car than made it to the dump :cry:


would you not go the bandage route and pay a fella?


I was seriously considering just fucking it over the back wall, but my civic mindedness got the better of me


I got a mock one a few years ago to save myself this very burden every year


Burn it. You get a lovely scent round the house


Just stick it beside the LG.


Genuine question, why did he get sent to gaol?


Distribution of indecent image of a child. He pleaded guilty but is appealing the sentence


Is 16 considered a child? I thought 16 was the legal age of consent?


Be careful out there flatty


It is, but indecent photos posted online isn’t legal


I can’t keep up.


Too much detail


It’s a wonder he didn’t stick the needle up his arse.