GAA All stars awards - That fist pump won it


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Is there many from here going? Be some craic I’d say. Last concert I was at was westlife in Croke park, there was some crowd at that. I think they had the lights on that night I can’t be sure I was bombed

DJ Eamon Fennell :smiley:

You are aware this will be inside, in the conference area of Croke Park, right?


Yeah, good one

He’s a fucking gowl. It’s an insult to music to call him a DJ. I remember a while back I was in Workmans and ould Eamo was wheeled out. After 20 minutes of being shite and wildly misjudging the crowd, the venue manager gave him the sign and he was hooked.

what does bombed mean? and why would you not remember if there was lights on? was the concert good?

Go easy on her lads ffs.

Some conference room that would hold 80k people butty

Aye, yeah I suppose your right. I’ve two tickets for the Upper Davin, near the Cusack going spare if you want them anyway

1.Anthony Nash (Cork)

Full backs
2. Richie McCarthy (Limerick)
3. Peter Kelly (Dublin)
4. David McInerney (Clare)

Half backs
5. Brendan Bugler (Clare)
6. Liam Rushe (Dublin)
7. Patrick Donnellan (Clare)

8. Colm Galvin (Clare)
9. Conor Ryan (Clare)

Half forwards
10. Séamus Harnedy (Cork)
11. Tony Kelly (Clare)
12. Danny Sutcliffe (Dublin)

Full forwards
13. Pádraic Collins (Clare)
14. Patrick Horgan (Cork)
15. Conor McGrath (Clare)

Conor Ryan wins an All Star at midfield despite not playing one minute of championship hurling there. Colm Galvin becomes the second Clon man to win an All Star:clap:

No complaints with that pick to be fair.

Peter kelly made that team on lasts year play. Colin ryan obviously should be there ahead of harnedy and sutcliffe.

ever hear of a Kevin Moran apart from the Man Utd\Dublin version?

in the shake up for an all star most years


I’m 500 imaginary euro richer tonight.

no he didn’t. He was excellent this year as well. Kelly, Harnedy and Sutcliffe all deserving winners.

I would have given Conal Keaney an all star. Would have meant jugglin things around in the forwards and leaving out Conor McGrath or else move Tony Kelly to midfield. Might not be many that share that view

Colin Ryan did fuck all when he was moved from midfield. To suggest that he deserved one over Harnedy is mental. Sutcliffe was easily better than him too

Harnedy did a lot for cork, but without Colin Ryan Clare wouldn’t have gone near the all Ireland. Suttcliffe didn’t do half as much as either.

Colin Ryan scored 70 points in the championship, had about 20 assists and beat limerick nearly on his own…ffs

He is more deserving than some of the Clare lads who would readily admit it!