GAA Clichés


Who are you referring to there, pal?


I was asked to remove it and out of respect I did so


That guy has some talent & self belief in " his locker ".


“They’ll have learned a lot from this” when a relatively young and inexperienced team exits the championship at the hands of a seasoned outfit.


A left footed free taker often kicks like a golf swing. Never a right footed free taker though.


Martin Carney is fond of the “there was a coming together” of players. Says it so much he could commentate on redtube during the off season.


When a team stays in the dressing room at half-time for longer than they’re supposed to.

If they go on to win, it was a psychological master stroke.

If they lose, there was a fight in the dressing room.


“The extra game will be of huge benefit to the winning team” To the other team it is a complete waste of time.


If a long range shot goes over, it’s “sublime”.

If a long range shot goes wide, it’s “panic”.


if a coach loves playing with the kids its he is a great volunteer,when he gets caught being a kiddie fiddler its a once off


Instilling a sense of deep rooted paranoia among a group of grown men is “creating a siege mentality”.

This leads to players saying they “didn’t get the credit they deserved”, like one of the Monaghan guys did there post match on BBC.


Beating team X by 30 points does team Y no good.


Inter-county footballers aren’t able to kick the ball over the bar from 30 yards anymore.


Sligo/Carlow/lLongford Train just as hard as Mayo/Dublin/Kerry


(Insert name of Premier League footballer here) was flabbergasted when he heard how much amateur GAA players train.


A team comes into a final in a good position when they unimpressively win their semi-final. They won’t be after getting carried away and will have knuckled down to reach peak performance levels for the final. If they subsequently lose the final then it becomes a case of the semi-final having exposed a lot of flaws that were exploited to the full this time.


Fermanagh never feared Westmeath.

One of the great GAA cliche phrases.

Momentum. One of the great GAA cliche words.


Under the radar


The Dublin hurling fan are a decent crowd in comparison to their football equivalent.


I was always told when playing the big ball that was a junior phenomenon.