GAA Clichés


Were you talking to @dubliner2 on the train?


a “wonder” goal , comment usually attributed to any clean cut hurling goal (yer man from waterford) that isnt the result of a forward mullock and charge (roaster glynn)


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Liam Rushe is not that type of player.

Even if he is.


You’re very protective of young Maurice, pal.


I loves me county, pal.


He is the type to give a cunt a smack in the face, fair play to him.


You’re dead fucking right there. Cunts.


A face you’d never grow tired of slapping


In team line-outs or other lists of names in printed media, referring to players’ christian names only by the initial letter.

For example a back seven in a TFK hurling team would look something like:
K. Passion, C. Mice, D. Red Anus, F. O’Dowd, P. Hussain, G. Man, P. Misanthrope.

In commentary, referring to players by their full names. This tradition was designed to differentiate GAA commentary from pretty much all other sports, but primarily to differentiate it from association football.


Referring to players by their nicknames is terrible shit altogether, ‘Star’ Donaghy, ‘Bubbles’ O’Dwyer. and ‘Dotsie’ O’Callaghnan. Marty is the greatest offender.


Players posing sheepishly for photographs at “official launches” of competitions or promotional shite for individual matches. Players often wear jeans or tracksuits in these photographs. A full county kit with runners is another commonly seen attire.

If it happens in the GAA, it has an “official launch”.

Slightly Awkward GAA Promotional Pictures Thread

I’d love to see this come into rugby in particular. It would be quite amusing if Ryle Nugent referred to the likes of Cian “Church” Healy, Rob “Kearnivore” Kearney, Donncha “The Prankster” O’Callaghan, Jim “Seamus” Williams, Paul “Pock” O’Connell, John “The Bull” Hayes, Sean “the Tullow Tank” O’Brien, Jamie “Heaslippy” Heaslip, John “Nobody” Eales and Billy “36” Twelvetrees in his commentaries.


Would be even better to hear Corcoran doing it.


And they can play football in [insert name of hurling county here, usually Kilkenny] too.
Every single fucking time someone kicks a ball in a hurling match.


Cusack Park is a tight pitch


Someone with '“great hands”


The All-Ireland football championship begins on the train to Killarney on the Monday after the third Sunday in September, Michael.


Supporter of Team A claims on the INTERNET that Team B will beat any other team (including Team A) by 20 points in an attempt to put the pressure onto Team B.


Player X is a great ‘Ambassador’ of the game.