GAA Clichés


Like wasps around a cat


Additional time: At least two minutes. Two minutes.


Waterford will win an All Ireland with this team in the next 10 years


“There is no talk coming out of Tipp.”


That point keeps them in touch


And Kilkenny are All Ireland champions


There s a Tyrone player down


“There’s no way that team will line out as selected” or “there’s no way that team will start”.

Team lines out as selected.


Referening gears when talking about a teams performance

“Sure Kilkenny were only in second gear when they won”


How many gears would a team generally have?



Sometimes a mythical sixth is referenced, but this is bullshit. Or a myth.


One of the camogie ladies on Sunday night (not Geary, the other one) came out with “goals win games.”

Galway 0-26 Tipp 3-16.


Galway 3-10 Kilkenny 0-17.


You forgot the reverse gear. Which Tyrone will be stuck in next Sunday.


Teams can be in 1st gear, 2nd gear or 3rd gear. Occasionally 5th and rarely 6th.
They cannot be in 4th gear for some reason.


Unless a heavy favourite looks like they’re going to be beaten at some point they “didn’t get out of second gear”.


“Hurling, the Riverdance of sport”


Those 21s will have one eye on the senior final


If there was a transfer market in the GAA…


Galway bandwagon