GAA Clichés


Kerry line out as selected.


Can’t get it all right. I saw a player limp into a physio surgery last week and he is playing.thankfully to be honest.


A modern cliche here.

Justifying or giving more credit to a result or an incident than it deserves by applying the inevitabilty of hindsight, or the hindsight of inevitability.

Kerry’s win today is justified by pointing to the scoreboard. Never mind the goal chances and refereeing decisions that went against Tyrone.

Kerry’s goals in last year’s All-Ireland final were not the result of luck, shit defending or an appalling mistake by a goalkeeper. They were “forced” or “a result of great pressure”. Even though they weren’t. And anybody who disagrees clearly has never played the game.

Which is another great cliche. Disagree with somebody who’s certain of their wrong opinion and you’ve “clearly never played the game”.


“You make your own luck, Des.”

“There’s no sentiment in this game.”


Mickey Harte will be delighted going in at half time a point down.


The ref was the difference between the teams


Only a point behind at half time Marty. They’d have taken that at the start.
Particularly since they’ll feel they haven’t played to potential.


When discussing any successful underage team…

“And most of that starting team are underage again next year.”


An U21 All Ireland is as important as a Senior one


Limerick can successfully integrate these u21s into the senior team.


Works well with

Limerick need to do a clear out of the old guard and blood these young players immediately


Well Brian they said this Kilkenny team were on the wane, but the way they steam rolled Galway today sends out a message that they’re not gone yet.

Well Marty it just wasn’t galways day today and the 2 red cards didn’t help them no doubt. Look it Marty we’re just glad they caught Tipp on a bad day as it could have been a different scenario today had we met Tipp.

Ok thanks Brian. Enjoy the celebrations


Never heard that. Not a cliché.


Raising the bar.

“Donegal have raised the bar in terms of preparation.”


Or if they were like an old Hilux, they’d have 4 high and 4 low.


This thread has descended into farce


Can we add everything Cyril Farrell says to this thread? Prob not clichés, but fuck it - I’ll throw them in anyway.

“Nuts to a monkey”
“That’s championship hurling for you”
“Wristy / knacky hurler”
“What more do you want Ger?!”
"[INSERT COUNTY] have a good underage team coming through"
“It’s in the melting pot”
“Santy’ll get you” (referring to Setanta O Hailpin)


Playing “on the edge”.


“Manly stuff”. Always found it a bit gay when Cody started talking about this.


There are no gay people in Kilkenny.