GAA Clichés


Not even a bit gay? As in, straight as fuck all week but then a little bit of nudge nudge wink wink of a Saturday night?


You sound disappointed. Cancelling your trip now?


One nil to the Arsenal!!!


Miles on the clock.

“Donegal have a lot of miles on the clock, Michael.”

Never applied to a county which has 20 or more All-Ireland titles in either football or hurling, where players over the age of 28 don’t run up miles on the clock, but instead become “vastly experienced”.


That’s a good one :clap:


It is kind of true though. In weaker counties teams generally grow old together without much new blood while in stronger counties there are always 2 or 3 changes at least every year


Hopefully the choke tackle doesn’t become a cliche after it was used during last sundays semi final.


Usually at least 2 or 3 changes every year in every county.


Southern based media


A draw was a fair result.


Calling a player “mobile”.

For instance, last week Ger Canning referred to “James O’Donoghue, a very mobile corner forward.”


What would the opposite of mobile be? Burly? Robust?

A great point from out on the '40 by the robust Rory Woods.


“The portly sticksman made serious inroads through the defence before sending a rasper to the back of the net”

Go on the fat lad!


Formerly an association football cliche, but now working its way into the GAA

Not that sort of player

For example, Pat McEneaney on JCoops

Yes, it was borderline. It was a bit rash. Knowing Jonny Cooper, he’s not that type of player. I’d say if I was refereeing the game myself, it would be still be just yellow.


Media playing “Pounding” by Doves over a montage. Usually on TV for obvious reasons, but occasionally also on radio over commentary snippets etc.


“The match is being played on Galway’s/Mayo’s/Tyrone’s/Dublin’s terms.”


A game of two halves.


3 cheers for the losers.


Player X “backed himself”.


Brave as badgers