GAA Clichés



McStay is some wanker.


Here sure is. The cunt was using choke tackle a couple of weeks ago.


Real Kilkenny hurling men.

I’m not sure about the fake Kilkenny hurling men however?


Kilkenny don’t do tactics, they just hurl what’s in front of them


In Tent City


Finishing the job.

Used when a team wins a replay or when media are previewing a team’s chances before a replay, ie. Saturday’s Evening Herald headline was “Dublin aim to finish the job”.


“Room for improvement”.

Used before and after a replay.

Previews of replays surmise which team has more “room for improvement”.

As it turned out, Dublin had more room for improvement. That may or may not be connected to the feng shui guru in their employ.


Beloved of Mayo GAA people when referring to their current team:

It’s all about:
“Process” (the “pro” part is always pronounced like it is in “prostitute”, rather than as it is in “professional”).
“Performance and process”.


Team A doesn’t fear Team B.

Example - Philly McMahon ‘Dublin don’t fear Kerry’.


They should!


Philly fears no one. He’s from the mean streets.


Calcutta? No fucking way! I knew he had a hungry look about him.


“That cunt Duffy”…

Generally used whenever either of those cunts officiate…**

** Possibly the most used collaquism in the GAA history apart from “That cunt Dunn…”


Muldoon GAA players fascinate me with their use of the word “would”.

Two interviews in the Irish Indepedent today with Seamus Callanan and Diarmuid Byrnes throwing it in.

“Management would have told us one training session at a time”, according to Byrnes.

Callanan talking about how Kieran McGeeney would have had a massive influence on him this year.

Why do boggers add in “would have” all the time? We would have had 35 training. The father would have had plenty of advice for me after matches. Would have. Would have.

Fucking boggers. I’m seething.


It’s a common feature of Hiberno-English to insert conditionals in lieu of simple tenses. It’s one of the many idioms that make our patois unique and colourful, and indeed much loved worldwide.
Not that you Yola speaking cunts from West Cornwall are in any position to point fingers at us true Gaels.


While that is a lovely post I think GGA players trot out that shite as sort of a reflex. It’s like throwing in ‘I suppose’ at the start of each sentence.


I can’t believe this got 4 likes. From a dickhead like @Steven_Naimsith too. @TreatyStones, please follow up. I also see in The Cork Examiner yesterday that the chairman of the Kerry supporters’ club would have had no place for racists in their support. Would have had. Would have had.


Full court press.

As alluded to.


In a bad year for football, Kerry will generally win the All Ireland.

Not the case this year mind you.


Looks like we do. Yerra.