GAA Clichés


If he wants it, it’ll be his. Would he want it?


Why not,laois are a middlin team with a few bob,what other county jobs are out there for him,limerick?


Laois haven’t a cent. Lillis got the job because he was cheap, Cheddar funds the hurlers, god help him. Cunningham would have better options than that surely. Footballers are there to get a good run in league and promotion but what after that? A run in Leinster until you meet Dublin? A run in the qualifiers until you meet Tyrone, Kerry, Dublin or Antrim?


It can’t be spring in every county at once


This is true. It’s just depressing looking at our county board at this stage, they are utterly dreadful. I know most feel that about their own, but this lot truly are shocking.


You could say that about 80% of the county boards in ireland,county football is fucked so long as the money between the haves and the have nots stays the same,until everyone can afford 30 backroom staff and the likes the gap will just get wider as weaker counties will struggle to even get lads to tog out for them


Woolie has the right idea, a proper professional should be put in to run the games in each county, not the gobdaw secretaries who fell into the roles when they went full time. what’s there is not fit for purpose.


HQ would have to pay for that obviously


We could pay for it by never letting Dublin play outside Croke Park and taking a share of their yearly revenue from AIG, Vodafone, Toyota, etc.


All sponsorship should be put into a pot and divided equally among the 32 counties


Communism just leads to nobody chasing the deal and you end up with less money to share out

A proportion of sponsorship should go to Croke park who provide smaller counties with a subsidy

Ultimately Dublin GAA will have to be broken up as leverage of numbers and money with organisation is going to see gap get bigger and bigger in football.

Hurling is still way off in Dublin but gradually influence of “hurling county” coaches at under age level will bare fruit.


Less money for the top teams alright


Could pay for it by winding up the G P fucking A.


Lets wait till they win more than 1 in a row before we start panicking


Classic of the genre from Mayo’s Alan Freeman there as he scores a goal and immediately points at Keith Higgins to get back before he’s even picked himself up off the ground.


Diarmuid Byrnes has a nice bit of cut to him.


depends what Galway turns up


Hopefully not the hurlers anyway.


Previously dominant club team gets knocked out of county championship.

“Could be a blessing in disguise. Those lads have been ON THE GO for nearly 3 years solid now.”

You’d swear playing in the All Ireland club championship involved hurling 24/7 and playing about 5 matches a week.


If they manage to pull it of this year it will be Cody’s greatest achievement