GAA Clichés


The overrating of players’ height by people talking about the game. Anyone of about 6’2" is seen as 6’5"


When people who something beyond terrible is described as a good gga man


Twee stories on Sunday Miscellany on the morning of the All-Ireland hurling final, about childhood memories and/or banal pre-match routines before All-Ireland hurling finals, which attach a twee faux-mystical signifance to such things as collecting tickets, going to mass, making sandwiches, waving a flag from a car window and passing/being passed on the road by other cars with a similar flag hanging from the window.


Not helped by the players themselves lying through their teeth about their height. MJ Tierney had it in a Leinster Final programme once that he was 6’1"


Various deviations on “you don’t have Kilkenny beat until you are heading down the motorway with the cup, and even then you are still looking over your shoulder” followed by a guffaw


Or Cody lamping the cup into the boot of the car or the hold of the bus?


“How many times have we seen this over the years”




i) People vastly overrating a player because they’re from the same county.

Exhibit 1: @caoimhaoin and Paddy Kelly.

ii) People vastly overrating a player because they come from a minnow county. Because the player in question has played in few, if any big matches in his career, this will involve progressive exaggeration of a couple of good early round championship performances by the player in question into world beating Tour de Frances that prove the player in question is an indisputable true all-time great.

Exhibit 1:

@caoimhaoin and Declan Browne.


I know it’s been done to death but the “I suppose” thing shows no sign of going away, particularly within the hurling firmament. It’s getting worse if anything.

English football players used to routinely say the word “obviously” in interviews in the same manner, almost as a crutch. This mostly disappeared when foreign players began to predominate.

Any amateur linguists/psychologists/sociologists care to explain how and why a certain word or phrase becomes such a plague on the speech of a cohort of sportspeople?

Is there a copycat factor at work? Could it be even seen as necessary to utter the word/s in question to gain acceptance within a peer group?


Your obsession with me is creepy.


Everything about this place , nay the internet, is creepy .


Kk folk, in particular, though others in all sports with the oul “they owe us nothing” line. It always irks me, like they owed you something in the first place. The same kind of oddities who, as mentioned above, reference players by their first name, by and large only in the latter stages of the championship, when they’ve never met them.
Kk folk mind you, have some excuse.


Fucking Tom Semple’s field :sweat_smile:


Expect to hear this used a lot in the media over the next 12 days.


GGA fans are idiots

full of hyperbole one minute and then a complete flip 70 mins later

Best duds team of all time to their forwards are finished and full of passengers


Dublin don’t lose replays


Mayo left it behind them


Dublin won’t be that bad again


Sadly we lost a few entries here during the big switch.

A few Ladies’ ones.

“The women train just as hard as the men.”

“That was better than the majority of men’s matches I’ve seen this year.”

“Ladies’ football is the fastest growing sport in Ireland.”

“The standard of Ladies’ football is very good and keeps getting better.”

“The countdown clock is an innovation that the men should really consider introducing.”