GAA Clichés


The potential Wexford-Kilkenny match in June will be ripe for GAA cliches along similar lines.

If Kilkenny win: Wexford will have revealed their hand in yesterday’s league match. Kilkenny will have licked their wounds and learned their lessons. Some will retrospectively say Kilkenny probably weren’t going at full pelt yesterday and were keeping their cards close to their chest.

If Wexford win: Yesterday’s win will have given Wexford a shot in the arm and real belief they can beat Kilkenny when it matters. Some will retrospectively say Kilkenny didn’t heed the warning they received in the league or that the Wexford victory in Nowlan Park was a sign Kilkenny are in terminal decline anyway.

There’s a cliche for every eventuality in the GAA.



The Division 2 , 3 and 4 football finals in Croke Park are much referred to as “a reward” for the counties.


I think TEAM A have an edge on quality but I think TEAM B will turn up and put in a performance for this one.

  • Generally said by a supporter of TEAM B as they try to convince themselves a trimming isn’t about to come from TEAM A


Limerick are team B ? Aren’t they ?


“Wrap around” is the Gaelic football cliche du jour.

A “wrap around” is an essential part of modern forward play.

I suspect this one will end up being shortlived in the same way Ger Canning’s “round the corner” was a shortlived phenomenon circa 1995.

2013’s “gain line” was another one which had its brief moment in the sun and faded quickly.


I’ve been using wrap around since Matty Forde started coming out from corner forward for Wexford on the wrap around to loft points over from all angles. This is like the music fan who hates his favourite band getting commercial success. I’m not happy about it - I used it before it was popular.


Wexford revealed their hand in that League quarter-final, but beat the shit out of Kilkenny in the championship anyway.


The good news for you is it won’t last in the mainstream.

Terms that are also used in rugby rarely do.

Except line-out.

And full-back.

And “scrum situation”. Actually I haven’t heard that one for a while, come to think of it.

I predict “offload” will become popular for a short time in the near future.


Is wrap around a rugby football term?


I believe it’s quite commonly used in analysis of that pursuit.


Is it close to a choke tackle?


McStays red zone hasnt really stuck either.


“Ruck” looks like it’s here to stay


I think it was “hot zone”.


Guard the honey pot.


“The qualifiers are a minefield this year”


CC @spidey


Russell Park’s finest*


“Team X couldn’t deal with the diagonal balls”


Not sure if this has been mentioned here before.

The best player, whether be it on a county team or a club team, always ‘has a brother that’s better than him’.

Usually the brother is pure shite but people who say such a thing are trying to sound like they (and not the person they are talking to) are in the know.