*** gaa prediction league ***

An all-new GAA Prediction League has been setup. Access it via the Prediction League link from the main menu on the left hand side. Sorry about the colour scheme clashes and everything but I didn’t have time yet to make it neat and tidy.

You need to register separately in the Prediction League (it only takes 30 seconds and there is no need for confirming emails or anything) and then you should be presented with the first week’s predictions.

I recommend that you go into “my profile” in the menu in the Prediction League and input a default score. This will be the scoreline that is automatically input for you in any game where you have not made a prediction by the time the game starts.

The format of the competition is as follows:

  • every week you need to input the score for senior football and hurling matches that will take place
  • there is no separation of goals and points so enter the score in total points only
  • 5 points are awarded for a correct result (i.e. win, draw or loss: scoreline is irrelevant)
  • 2 points are awarded for each team’s score that you have correct


  • you predict 10-8 and the score is 11-5 = you get 5 points for the correct result
  • you predict 10-8 and the score is 10-9 = you get 5 points for the correct result and 2 points for one correct score
  • you predict 10-8 and the score is 10-10 = you get 2 points for one correct score
  • you predict 10-8 and the score is 9-10 = you get no points
  • you predict 10-8 and the score is 10-8 = you get 9 points (5+2+2)

Predictions can be made and/or altered up to the throw-in time of each game.

The winner of the competition in September after both SFC and SHC have concluded will receive a free TFK hoodie of your choosing from the merchandise section. If I win the person who comes second can have the hoodie. The competition is only open to members of the website so if anyone else manages to register (e.g. a spammer) and wins then the site member with the most points will win the prize.

Any questions feel free to ask.

I not only expect to win this outright at the end of the season.

I will also win each individual round.

An early lead for Jugs after one match, he’s top on points difference (how far his scores were out by). My optimism wasn’t rewarded and I’m sitting bottom.

After the first round of games Appendage is out in front with 28 points - helped by correctly predicting the Antrim 10 Derry 16 scoreline.

Farmer is in second, the only person to have picked up points in every match (nobody had the Limerick-Tipp draw but a few had 22 points as Tipp’s score).

I’m last.

Next week’s fixtures are up now. If I’ve missed any let me know as it’s hard to find a reliable source which is shocking in this day and age.

if your not ahead of me this week you are a pretty poor tipster because i did not get a chance to enter last weekend.

while i have given you’s all a head start, i remain extremely confident of being ahead of the rest come september

Next week’s fixtures added - just 4 I think.

Where are this week’s fixtures, rock?

Or are you slyly going to put them up just before throw-in of the first game so you’re the only one with a chance to enter?

Completely forgot. Probably too late to put them up now so we’ll just have to skip a week.

Looks like I should comfortably retain my lead again this weekend.