Gaa split season, a total failure

Your a gas ticket.


In all fairness its been the best Munster championship in years. The people and players all want the extra matches.

Those attendences can only be good for the game.

I’ll take your word for it. Out of the 8 matches played so far, the only 3 I saw, I also attended, the 3 that Waterford were in. 3 shit games, 3 shit atmospheres and 2 derisory attendances.

Of the other 5 matches, 3 were behind a paywall. I was out last Sunday and didn’t see either of Clare c Cork or Tipperary v Limerick.

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Were you at the Waterford - Limerick game in the first round?

Genuinely there was a great atmosphere at that. We had loads of Waterford people around us in the stand.

Not even a 100 posts in the Munster rugby thread re their final today and over 250 in the Joe McDonagh thread in relation to the Carlow Offaly game. Snigger.

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That’s convenient

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It’s handy alright

The atmosphere both inside and outside TUSGG yesterday was electric, ‘‘twas like a throwback to full houses from the 80s and 90s, an iconic occasion all told.


It was a knockout. A novelty in the GAA Championship these days.


That’s it in a nutshell.

The last week has been unreal when there was some jeopardy over the games. All on free to air tv too.

The games aren’t perfect standard wise. Teams are making plenty of mistakes but it only adds to the excitement of the game as well.