Galway - dual travails part 2

We weren’t able to manage him at all. Jack Behan in the team now. Might be able to match him physically anyway

Same club as the little lad they had at minor a few years back that won man of the match in every game on their way to the AI. He has disappeared off the scene entirely, Lohan probably a better prospect for senior despite having far less hurling in him. A club that produced nothing at all until a few years ago but have 2 lads on the panel this evening.

Young Davoren hurling for the moy. :thinking:

Seanie McDonagh gone down under


He’d have town blood.

Very talented hurler but he was small even at minor and didn’t have blazing speed to compensate either.

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RHN if it’s the davorens I’m thinking of

Defo links to town.

McDonagh was a dinger on those minor teams. Never physically developed in any way after and was blown out of it at under 20.

I think the standard has markedly improved at minor and u-20 since the first few years of the age change.

McDonagh was the epitome of a fantastic young Galway underage hurler with every gift bar the bulk needed for senior. Staying with Skehana was admirable but was never going to help him. Maybe he was sick of the commitment needed anyways and fair play if he knew it wasn’t for him.


Nice young fella, steeped in hurling. Was in school with my daughter.

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You may know one of my very great friends who hurled with skehana before moving to manc. Now back on the island. One of the kindest and most intelligent and interesting people you’d ever meet and the most intelligent hurler I ever played with.

Ah here you’re talking Skehana now, he’d stick out a mile :grin:

Jimmy Screenes carverys finished alot of athletic careers earlys.

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Good spot for the dinner alright



Strongest side possible. A real banana skin of a game. Daithi bank FB had to happen. Probably our strongest midfield as well.

Jamie Ryan back in the mix, good too see. I’d have liked to seen Kileen and Lawless given the nod in this game.

Good to see TJ hasn’t vanished off the face of the earth.


We’d be best just throwing this one and focusing on the other two games instead