That’s cheap and it’s nasty, Marty.

It’ll complement their over-hyped racing festival very nicely

The whole nation can take inspiration from Galways great success :clap: :clap:

Galway race week - Let’s all go to Galway to get pissed, and sure we might take in a few races while were there.

Theres as much interest in racing at the galway races, as there is in jazz at the Cork jazz, or as there is in finding cats laughing in Kilkenny.

Where’s “the” pub to go in Galway these days?

It hasn’t changed since the last time you were there galavanting around with sunglasses on the top of your head.

I was a right cunt that day.

(cue hilarious comment from Mac: “Only that day?” )

Give me some credit, please

[quote=“Mac, post: 448320”]

Give me some credit, please[/quote]

No. Top up online yuorself.

Wahey :pint:

Halo is an impressive nightclub

@KinvarasPassion any tips for how four middle aged men could put in a weekend in Galway? Heading down this weekend for what has become an annual getaway with some friends from my school days.

Don’t want nightclub recommendations, just a few pubs where you could find a comfortable seat and maybe have the odd nice girl walk by so you could daydream about how you used to daydream about getting those girls when you were younger.

Whilst I’m here I remember I owe @Julio_Geordio a memo on my Limerick trip earlier this year.

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Watch out for the Wards, they’re breaking up bars by the new time there recently. Very rough town.

Stick to the pubs down near the Latin quarter…O Neachtains, Buskers, Front Door, etc.

If you’re planning on going somewhere nice to eat, Kai serves exquisite food. It’s a short walk from the Corrib, heading west and you could always stop in Monroe’s for pints on the way back to town. There’s also a new gastropub on Dominick St., John Keogh’s - The Lock Keeper, and that has gotten favourable reviews too.


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Neachtains is a crusty infested, over hot, over rated and overcrowded shithole, with the pick of the ugliest and worst dressed of both codes that the city has to offer btw.

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Freeneys is the answer for a pub anyway. Or Murphys (is that the name?) directly opposite. That pub on the corner beside Supermacs down there. Neachtains. Loads of them.

Front Door and Busker Browns. Avoid at all costs I would say. Horrible places

There is no end to the great places to eat in Galway.

Buskers is a soulless dump. A half hearted effort at a superpub. It smells of piss sometimes.

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