Game Eight - versus FMPI

After running around trying to compensate for Stevie’s lack of pace all night I’m too tired to provide a detailed match report. That was a cracking game of football for the neutrals though. A 7-6 victory for TFK. Goals from Cesc4, Clarkeycat and Stevie G for TFK probably in a 4-2-1 ratio. 4 assists for Rocko, 2 for TFK goals and 2 for FMPI goals.

Went one down early on recovered to lead 4-1 before giving two back and it was 4-3 at half-time. Think it went 4-4 then 5-4 and maybe 6-4 before 6-5, 6-6 and then 7-6. Got some really nice goals in there that Bandage will describe. Also had some last gasp defending at the death at 7-6 so a terrific game to win.

Brian Tinnion will be in touch with Farmer about the club code in light of Farmer’s inexplicable decision to wear the old white socks with the current kit. Indefensible.


Why do we spend so much time and money on market research, design etc. if some creep from Leitrim with no fashion sense if gonna do his own thing?

You look good. You feel good. You play good.


Rocko, Clarkey got 4 goals - you tard. Clarkey and I are drinking white wine together in the apartment now. I’m having a lovely evening.

The thing I like about astro is that you get to learn new things about your team mates.

Cesc4 pisses with the toilet seat up.

Lads, I’m very unhappy at conceding 6 goals. I feel ashamed. I didn’t play well. But sometimes the defense needs the offense to step up to make sure we come out on the right side of a wild one. You guys did that tonight and that was a very important win.