Game Thirteen - versus Farcenal

A 9-2 victory for our heroes tonight to avenge the shocking 0-2 reversal against Farcenal in the first fixture in Week 2.

The main victory highlights were Farmer breaking a long scoring duck, a thunderbolt strike by ClarkeyCat, a neat 4-goal haul for Gar and a tidy brace from Jugs advancing forward which bookended proceedings.

Rocko didn’t score but worked the keeper and the fence behind the goal well on a number of occasions.

I conceded two goals. Meh. Not really my fault - they were well taken - but I DON’T LIKE my goalkeeper kit.

It was 3-1 at half time and we responded well with a good second half after they pulled one back straight after the break. Clarkey’s smashing drive into the top corner from an angle put us 4-2 ahead and we pushed on from there.

Goals were by Gar x4, Jugs x2, Clarkey, Croppy, Farmer (pen) x1.

TFK 9-2 Farcenal
Jugs 8, 87
Gar 21, 36, 62, 73
Clarkey 54
Croppy 70
Farmer (pen) 81

Nobody was stopping the big man from having the penalty. He took the two or steps forward from the back to the opposition penalty area and grabbed the ball off Rocko. A feign to side foot it to the keeper’s left before closing the instep at the point of the strike and tucking it into the other corner. :clap:

A fair summation Bandage other than the criticism of your beautiful kit.

On any other night Clarkey’s goal would have been the most memorable but Farmer’s clinical strike will live long in the memory. Two nice strikes from Jugs too.

I couldn’t watch farmer’s penalty I was so nervous. Which of his three legs did he hit it with?

I don’t think Farmer hit it with his huge donger anyway but he did giggle when I called him Farmy during the second half.

I was awesome yesterday. Thank you