Game Two - versus Farcenal

After last week’s draw against IPI it’s time to get this show back on the road tonight.

I’ve decided against cutting anyone for performance reasons so the only changes to the squad are brought about for disciplinary reasons. I will not tolerate bad punctuality and while Gar has never been late before, to my knowledge, his casual effort at making the team bus on time last week was disruptive to our preparations and cannot be tolerated.

Gar is therefore serving a suspension, being the greater of one match or one game, commencing midnight last night. He is excluded from tonight’s squad.

In his stead I have the huge pleasure of welcoming Clarkeycat back into the fold. The Galwegian has been knocking around the squad for a few seasons now and while he never forced his way into the first vi last season he has showed enough in training to get promoted back to senior squad duties.

The squad in full is:


Result: 0-2 Farcenal FC

Come back, Monkey Allen. All is forgiven.

Player ratings:

Bandage 1
Jugs 0
Croppy 0
Farmer 0
Rocko 0
Clarkeycat 0
Cesc4 0

Fucking shocking stuff. Time to dream it all up again.