Gameweek Seventeen - versus WTS

TFK will mark the 1-week anniversary of The Miracle of Sandymount with another crucial league encounter at home to WTS tomorrow evening (7pm, kick-off).

The online collective defeated WTS 1-0 in the reverse fixture at Sandymount Park earlier in the season via a second half ClarkeyCat strike.

Match report here:

TFK received a massive boost earlier today with Monkey Allen named in the official squad. Management feared the veteran goal poacher would be ruled out for the rest of the season but his remarkable recovery from a knee injury sustained 2 weeks ago will surely cause unrest in WTS ranks.

Other than Monkey’s return, the same players from last week’s incredible come-from-behind 6-5 victory will feature for TFK. Everyone is keenly aware that sustaining a winning run over the next few weeks is imperative for our league ambitions.

Supporters should also note there’s an interview with Farmer and a colour poster of Scrunchie in tomorrow’s match-day programme.

It was going to be a colour poster of Farmer and an interview with Farmer but printing A2 paper and rural accent translation costs were just too high.

3-0 win tonight and I have a sore arse.

Not much more to report.

Very fucking satisfying that.

They came out kicking again. But in a cowardly and petty little way. No actual hard man antics, just some sly and pointless little kicks. Fuck them.

Managed to win 3-0 without calling Monkey off the bench. The out of sorts striker was togged out this week but wasn’t really required thanks to goals from Clarkeycat (twice) and Cesc4. I had two secondary assists and picked up a crucial block for the second goal.

Thought Bandage pulled off a couple of terrific stops as well at crucial times.

The highlight of the night has to be the display from Farmer. A drag bag that sent the WTS Striker and half his teammates in 1981 and a shot at goal. Yes, you are reading it correctly - Farmer had a shot at goal. Its the first one I’ve ever seen, maybe the TFK veterans can actualy verify if he has had one before?

Rocko, please provide more details on your block and secondary assists.

I’ll give you a secondary assist for the third goal - pass to Scrunchie who in turn found the marauding cesc4 to finish.

What’s the block? Are you claiming an American Football style ‘pick’ for Clarkey’s goal from cesc4’s corner? The old Anderton / Sheringham routine and you stood in the defender’s way as Clarkey made his move? :clap:

Not sure about the first goal.

We played better as the match went on tonight. I also enjoyed Farmer’s drag back and was amused by the referee getting practically every single throw-in or corner decision wrong.

For the first goal I believe I won possession around halfway, robbing Mrs Doubtfire I think, and then switched it to Clarkey and after some messing he fired in a wonderful shot that went in with a slight deflection. That may even be a direct assist. I recall being pleased with myself anyway.

For the second goal I got a “pick” alright at the near post. The ball came back to Clarkey on the edge and I got my angles perfectly such that the defender at the near post couldn’t close on Clarkey and nor could he make it right to the post and Clarkey squeezed it home. Expertly.

Third goal was all mine obviously - just thankful Scrunchie and Cesc4 saw the picture I had painted for them.

I think Scrunchie played the pass to Clarkey for the first goal.

Nope 'fraid not. I made the run bringing all the defenders with me - one of which diverted the ball in.

Rocko won the ball in midfield, laid it off to Cesc4 who in turn passed to ClarkeyCat.

In fairness I think the ball would have or maybe did hit me on the way in. I’m sure the ref thought it did as most balls that left the field of play he said I touched last so I think that then is my goal and Rocko was the 4th last man assister

First two paragraphs are bang on. I won the ball very well, spotted the chance for a quick transition and fed Cesc4 with a pass of such accuracy and tempo that he kept the move going swiftly by feeding Clarkey for the goal. Not the final assist but I did get the all important secondary assist as I thought.

I have had Scrunchie. Indeed I have found the net for TFK on occasions before. It’s been a while though.

Jaysis I was worried there for a sec when I saw…

[quote=“farmerinthecity, post: 696421”]

I have had Scrunchie.[/quote]