Gameweek twenty - versus GAM

Four games to go and it’s in our hands. We had a team lunch today and just spoke about legacy and about our destiny. But this isn’t a title that will be gifted or handed over by the gods. This will be earned and we have pledged as a team to do everything, absolutely everything, to bring more glory to this magnificent football club.



Come on to fuck TFK!

“Somebody’s gotta win and somebody’s gotta lose and I believe in letting the other guy lose.”

  • Pete Rose, TFK Team Ambassador.

“If we can get the better of the smaller things we can go on and win.”

  • Unknown gaelic football manager, October 2011.

“To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan but also believe.” - Anatole France

“The difference between failure and success is doing a thing nearly right and doing it exactly right” - Edward C Simmons

“victory belongs to the most persevering” - Napoleon

“Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars” - Casey Kasem, Americas Top 10, 1985

“The IRA fought for peace and a negotiated settlement.”

  • Moderator Rocko


Those tattoos seem quite silly now. Still, I’m considering keeping mine.

There may well be a queue outside the laser tattoo removal place in the morning.

Abject performance. Deservedly beaten. I apologise for my own performance and for the contributions of my team-mates. Tinnion will be spinning in his grave tonight.

Poor performance and I would also like to apologise to the fans who spent their hard earned money to support us tonight.

At least Mespil also lost so we got away with it to a certain extent. 3 games left and 4 points should be enough. Let’s see this out.

[quote=“Monkey Allen, post: 702267”]Poor performance and I would also like to apologise to the fans who spent their hard earned money to support us tonight.

At least Mespil also lost so we got away with it to a certain extent. 3 games left and 4 points should be enough. Let’s see this out.[/quote]

Fuck off? Did they? Is it a 4 horse race again? Get that Wine back out if the Fridge!!! NO REGRETS!!!

Rocko out.

For the record we lost 4-6. We were poor and lost ClarkeyCat to an injury (he’s going for a scan in the morning). At 3-3 they scored a wonder goal from the corner flag which really summed the game up, and they were excellent on the ball as we chased the game.

@rocko: are you considering your position?

How was bandage beat from the corner flag?

I’m capable of conceding from anywhere on the pitch.

I’m disappointed by this line of questioning. I am the winningest manager in astro football history and am presiding over a team lording it over our opponents at the top of the table.

However I am aware that the standard of our performances has fluctuated wildly in recent weeks and that’s not acceptable for me.

We have always prided ourselves on an impregnable defence and we have appeared vulnerable in recent weeks. With that in mind I’m taking the unusual step of announcing two changes to my backroom staff with immediate effect. While not wishing to cast any blame on Bandage in goals I believe I have spread myself too thinly in not providing him with a specialist goalkeeping coach to work with him and to work with his defenders. For that reason I have decided that for the remainder of the season I will be appointing Bandage to the position of goalkeeping coach. He will work with our first team goalkeeper - Bandage - and also with our second choice goalkeeper - Dyrne/Durn. This role will be in addition to his co-captaincy and assistant managerial duties.

Secondly, I think the game has moved on to such an extent that it’s worthwhile having a specialist defensive coach. There are intricacies and peculiarities about defending in astro football that it’s simply not possible to communicate to players at a general level and bringing in a specialist defensive coach seems the logical solution to that problem. There were a number of internal applicants for that role and I’ve opted to go with Rocko as defensive coach. Due to his duties elsewhere as co-captain and manager, I’m conscious that his workload needs to be managed. Therefore I’ve decided to appoint Bandage to assistant defensive coach.

I’d like to congratulate Bandage and Rocko on their promotions and on behalf of TFK AFC, the players and supporters, I’d like to wish both every success in their new roles.

The current staff of TFK AFC is:

Chairman: Rocko
Deputy Chairman: Bandage

Head of TFK Managerial Appointments Committee: Rocko

Manager: Rocko
Assistant Manager: Bandage

Co-Captains: Bandage and Rocko
Vice-Captain: Vacant

Goalkeeping Coach: Bandage

Defensive Coach: Rocko
Assistant Defensive Coach: Bandage

The TFKASC (chewy, flano, mbb) will be meeting later today and the main topic to be discussed will be : Rocko/Bandage, out?

TFKASC are not willing to comment on rumours that approaches have been made to a prominent poster in Australia to see if he is willing and available to step in should Rocko do the honourable thing and step down.

Rocko and Bandage have my full support.

Some times things can go a bit stale at a successful club and the players need a fresh voice and fresh ideas. So full credit to Rocko for realising this and being brave enough to go with such a radical shake up of the coaching staff.

As a player I am very excited by this change and look forward to working with Rocko and Bandage on the training pitch. This is exactly the kind of pick-up we needed after last nights disappointing result.