Garda arrested on drink-driving suspicion

From RTE:

A Garda Superintendent in charge of a Regional Traffic Division has been arrested on suspicion of drink driving.

Superintendent Jim Fitzgerald, who is less than a month in the job, was arrested in Galway last night.

He was driving an official unmarked garda car at the time.

AdvertisementHe was taken to Loughrea Garda Station after he was reported by a member of the public, but it is understood he refused to take the test.

He was released but it is understood that proceedings will be taken against him.

Under the new Road Traffic Legislation refusing to take a test for drink-driving carries a disqualification of three years off the road.

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The right decision anyway. Obviously they made the decision because of their previous success in the competition and nothing to do with their current financial status and playing squad.

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Well they’ve done it all in the CL so no need to bother entering again.

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That is one of the most ridiculous statements I’ve ever read.

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So you don’t read farmer’s posts then?

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Just to clarify I was referring to the Shelbourne statement. No need to start on Farmer again. Few hints :drink: :drink: