Gary Twigg

Is there anyone close to beating heart of LOI posting here?

Is Gary Twigg gone ‘missing’?

you must have heard something tipptops, throw it out and let us discuss it.

if Briggs is gone thats me finished with the loi.

Seemingly he cant be contacted. My source wouldnt be one to trust now but thats the story I’ve been spun.

The Gary Twigg Mystery they are calling it.

This isn’t part of the ‘Grand Plan’

Would it be fair to say that its suspected that this Triggs individual might in fact be dead?

He could be anywhere but he certainly wasn’t in Sligo at the weekend.

any truth in the rumour he was duped into meeting a pervert masked as an antiques dealer from fingal who he met on the internet and who tied him up and buggered him senseless?

I wonder what could have been more important than playing in this esteemed comp?

Something is up anyway.

Maybe north county corncrake might be in later and he could give us an update.

If only NCC’s wife allowed him to go to games he would surely have the scoop for us on this.

Give him a minute to run across to and find out the inside story.

ha ha the wheels have fallen off the gary twigg bandwagon !!! fuckin delighted. cornbake will be quite from now no!!!

he is injured

fuck off back into the hole you crawled out of

Does anyone have Gary Twigg on the Celeb deaths thing? Or would he count as a celeb?

i thought jack straw had rearessted you for breaking the terms of your agreement with the home office

Tipptopps, very poor effort at a wind up here mate :frowning: