On Terry Wogan’s Ireland not wearing his seat belt :lol:

Was full sure this would be about asyouwere or clarkeycat

We nearly knocked him down one evening walking down howth hill on the wrong side of the road with no armband or light

If it was about Clarkey I would have named it ‘Queerball’s Revenge’.

I got done by one of Gaybo’s Cash Cameras recently. My offence? Driving at 36 mph past a school at 6pm of an evening while the school was on Chistmas holidays… I would applaud anyone smashing up or indeed immolating one of those vans to be honest. Try fixing the dead zone Rourke’s Cross you prick instead of drilling people crawling along the roads.

So you broke the law then yeah?

Ernie O’Malley broke the law too when he fired on peelers.

Gone done coming in the quinn rd last week 10:20pm, limit goes from 80->50, there was one of those vans 15m inslide the 80,i was done for 69 when i was slowing down inside the 80 having seen the limit sign. I noticed the flash and turned around, and stopped beside the van, could hear the kunt inside rustling around nervously. I was aware of the limit and was slowing down, another 20m an i was ok, i think that positioning, like yours is just unfair. was livid