General Fantasy NFL thread

I don’t have landing spots but still need to decide
Daniels above Maye appears to be consensus

First question I’d ask is why have a draft before you know what team he is at? MHJ will be a star, but his impact in the next 2 to 3 years totally depends on who is at qb and the team. If chargers draft him, hes well worth it. If patriots take him, then he isn’t

It’s just a different type of league, boring when they’re all the same.
Patriots will take a QB surely

I’ve done alright with the 1:03 anyway

The guy took Nabors

Daniels has bust written all over him. A lighter but more accurate version of Justin Fields. Guy is built like a corner back and despite being accurate and quick isn’t really a playmaker or can make plays out if structure from what I have seen and read.

Drake Maye is a stud and has a Justin Herbert/Big Ben esque ceiling

Well there’s a hot take. I will say, the last “small” QB to really make it seems to have been Russell Wilson.