General UEFA Cup Thread

I’d follow Milan as much as any other team, and they are doing right well in the Serie A this year. Ronaldinho is proving to be a good addition, and isnt just settling back into a cushy role. Pato is a great prospect, and is getting some good goals. Drew 2-2 with Torino at the weekend which keeps them in 2nd, 3 adrift of Inter.

They play Portsmouth this week in the UEFA cup. At Milans last home game, the attendance was 10,000. No interest at all fromt he team or the fans for the tournament. They have been playing reserve players and dont seem overly interested in it. Serie A and getting back into the CL seems to be the main target.

I had to laugh at Tony Adams comments tho, the sterotypical English mans (and Irish EPL supporters) view of what will happen:

“Knowing the Italians, I can see them just locking it up, just come for a nil-nil, but if we can get a goal we might well turn them over.”

yeah, Milan, 7 time European champions are coming to Portsmouth hoping for a draw. Apart from the fact that they couldnt give a shite about the game, why do people still think the Serie A is about 0-0 games and teams holding onto 1-0 wins. It is the longest running stereotype going since the late 80’s.

Its a pity Celtic didnt get into the UEFA cup, a good run against other decent European sides would have done them no harm. Their away form is pathetic, and they need to rectify that and no matter that WGS says its not a thing he worries about, it fooking well should be.

Milan fan here too.
Was worried about Ronaldinho going there as he was taking the piss in his final year or 2 at Barcelona. The Duck certainly seems to be a top player and still only 19 or 20.
Is there much Italian League on tv these days?

Is there much Italian League on tv these days?[/quote]

Channel 5 in England have live games every week. I don’t have access to that but I watch the odd game on my laptop via JustinTV - it’s generally easy enough to find a game you want to watch.

channel 5 is now on the sky free to air box thingy. one minute til I find how to tune it in.

here you go:
Got to Services > System Set-up > Add Channels

Tuning details:

Frequency 10773
Polarisation H
Symbol Rate 2200
FEC 5/6

Channel 5? That still going.
Used to get that in Wexford with the ariel plonked onto the roof. Remember Channel 5 starting actually. H&Away used to be miles behind on it. They’ve probably caught up by now.

Wouldn’t get it on NTL would I?

What way is the Milan team looking these days lads…Is Senderos getting his game for them…

Zambrotta - Maldini - Jankulovski - Bonera
Flamini - Seedorf
Kaka - Ronaldinho

and that leaves on the bench, dida, pirlo, Inzaghi, Sehvchenko, emerson, Favalli, Kaladze , Ambrosini, borrilello, Nesta and a few others

but they do a serious amount of rotation in the team. team above is generally who has played the most, and could easily have changes throughout.

Senderos hasnt seen any time at all on the field

Now that they are out of the Champs league you’d have to fancy Celtic to go along way to winning this this year. Would be great to go one better then Rangers efforts last year.

Reckon Villa could well win it and cement there place as one of the top 10 teams in Europe…

Didn’t qualify for it CM.
Unless you’re at a wind up, in which case I apologize.

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[quote=“Pikeman”]Didn’t qualify for it CM.
Unless you’re at a wind up, in which case I apologize.[/quote]

You horrible cunt ya ! nah, just a little fishing. Doubt many would take the bait tho… ya cunt.

UEFA Cup run would have been good experience (and revenue) for Celtic alright Gman. There’s no substitute for playing games at that level for getting experience for the players. Would benefit Ireland as well to have McGeady (and possibly O’Dea/Sheridan) playing against continental opposition.

Stranger things have happened. MON seems to love the competition for some reason. Maybe he feels it will provide some valuable experience before we are in the Champions League. We have been sleep walking through it so far. The team tried against Ajax but they havent seem too bothered in any of the other games.

Still I’d far prefer us to concentrate on qualifying for the Champions League. Our squad isnt so big as to compete equally in both. I think we are as good as through to the next stage after winning our first two games so we have games now for giving the likes of Guzan, Knight, Shorey, Harewood etc a run out. Maybe when the competition reaches the knock outs it will get interesting. Still with the no Champions League qualification out of winning it, whats the point?

Yeah noticed that. Had it with an ‘s’ first but the spell checker on tfk says it was wrong and who am I to break the rules here.
And it’s “American” cunt. No need for racism, ya lanky Klare fookya. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah you’re just being ridiculous. The point is that it’s a European trophy. The point is it would be in the top 10 achievements recorded in Aston Villa’s history 100 odd year history.

It would have been a decent consolation to get into this for after Christmas alright. There’s some good teams in it this year like Milan, Sevilla, Valencia and Hamburg and a few other decent teams will join from the Champions League too.

[quote=“Pikeman”]Yeah noticed that. Had it with an ‘s’ first but the spell checker on tfk says it was wrong and who am I to break the rules here.
And it’s “American” cunt. No need for racism, ya lanky Klare fookya. :p[/quote]

I would hardly call 5"10 lanky pikeman:)…You scaldy bollix

The Intertoto Cup is/was a European trophy. Doesnt mean it was worth winning.

Ya it would be nice to win. Its good to win any trophy like the Carling Cup etc But they dont really matter a fuck and an endless competition like the UEFA Cup clearly affect league form.

If Rangers and Middlesboro can get to the final its clear that the best clubs dont give a fuck about it. They are more concerned with Champions League. Clubs like Celtic who play really weak teams every week could do with it to keep the fans interested.

Id take coming within 5 points of 4th place before winning the UEFA Cup

And the prize for that would be entry into next year’s UEFA Cup.

Have you had too much sun lately or something?

Your tendency to reference Celtic in the majority of your Aston Villa posts seems a bit obsessive at this stage.