Gennaro "don't fuck with me" Gattuso


Its been my experience when you throw the nut into a fella, and he doesnt even flinch, you’ve made a mistake, a biiiiiig mistake.

Thats because yer man thought “there’s no way he’ll do anything” then BOOM.

Gattuso should get a 6 to 12 month ban for last nights antics.
Hit hit crouch twice, struck the coach in the neck once and headbutted him later on.
He reckons that he’s above the law. Well, he ain’t above mine.
GSH reckons he shoudl get perhaps a year ban and a fine of 500k.

If they don’t fine him and ban him then it’s giving the green light for that sort of carry on.

Cantona and the thug/kick incident prings to mind.

Yours etc,

We need to hear what Cantonsboot has to say about this.

I’ve been doing some investigating and I think that cantonasboot may in fact be an alias of Ball-Ox :o

What evidence have you to suggest this?

Once a hun, always a hun

Gennaro Gattuso is a rebel and he stands up to bullies, I’m not going to sit here while you call Joe Jordan Mother Theresa.

<_< :mad: :guns:

He said he’d hit an old man and he did.

Italian media saying Jordan called Gattuso a fucking Italian bastard.


Shocking treatment of an ex Milan player by Gattuso.

So what? I’m sure a lot worse is said during a game. Soccer is gone far too PC, no bit of craic in it at all.


Fergie Touhy was once asked who he was by a marker at the start of a championship game and he chose not to headbutt him. And he’s from Clarecastle.


Never said it wasnt you fooking planter.

Typical racist Scot.