Getting Pissed? Who is?

Promises to be a great weekend of it :pint:

RTT, it looks like you started already cause I spotted your car thrown up on the footpath outside the boozer this morning. It was very lonesome looking.

I think I’ll be busy enough today (hate that on a Friday) so depending on my mood later I may want a :pint: or ay just want to stay in and be on my own for a while, a la Tinnon.

So in other words :huh:

Big flow on this weekend. Ah can’t wait. Might even blag my way into the EP and laugh at crusty cunts. Session on in the midlands.

I went out to play cards, won a shedload of money so I had :pint: X 9 to celebrate and left my car there. It’ll be my last drink of the weekend though.

I dunno Farmer, it’s all well and good being in great form all day Friday and looking forward to a few nice pints after work, but it’s hard to bate having a shit Friday, being in foul humour and going straight out after work for a heap of angry pints and getting outrageously drunk.


Well said.

EDIT - I can’t go out straight after work as I have the car with me. A bit shit with the match on as well.

I forgot about the match being on.

I’ve to take the first leg of my journey tonight so there’ll be no hints for me until tomorrow afternoon.

Hints hoday hrom hour hor he hatch. :pint: Hints homorrow hor ho happarent heason. :pint: Ho hints on Hunday; honly hurling.

Watching the hurling from the Algarve. 2 weeks in the sun from tomorrow morning. Ah Lovely.

Yours in vacationing,

Go tweak your outrageously pert nipples you freak.

I’m requiring a handsome win for Geelong and any sort of win for the Gold Coast Titans here to fund my drinking later. Out for the match and a meal with the lads, that’s it for the weekend.

Well jugs, you plan on finger banging any sluts this weekend?

They won’t be pert in the warm weather you uneducated Oaf.

Yours in teaching,

Woke this morning with my throat red raw and my chest full of phlegm, this puts my weekends boozing in doubt :frowning:

Fuck it, think I’ll get pissed.



Grow a pair, Puke.

Hm. :mellow:

Nah, health is your wealth, bandage…

When you’re 60 - maybe.

No drinking so.