Giddy Up

A South Carolina man has been arrested for having sex with a horse after police say the animal’s owner caught him on a surveillance camera.

Police say this isn’t the first time 50-year-old Rodell Vereen has been charged; last year he pleaded guilty to having sex with the same horse and was placed on the state’s sex offender list.

Police arrested Vereen on Monday, when he returned to the stable 32 kilometres northeast of Myrtle Beach where owner Barbara Kenley says a camera caught him having sex with her horse earlier this month. This time she was waiting for him with a shotgun and says she thought about shooting him but didn’t want to go to prison.

Vereen is in jail. His brother says he has mental problems and may not have been taking his medicine.

in and out of walls

and giddy up

[quote=“Sledgehammer”]in and out of walls

and giddy up[/QUOTE]

shouldn’t that be in and out of doors?

Shouldn’t that be in and out of horses?

A little bit of innocent horseplay.