Gigs coming up


You’re gone mad for religion lately


Deregulated, bud - or unconsecrated - stood down - whatever you chaps say.


Roots manuva coming up this Saturday, have to pick up tickets for Ghostface Killah in button factory too. cc @Turenne and @ChocolateMice


I was debating whether to head to Morricone in the 3 Arena.

€136 are the cheapest tickets available.

He can keep it.


Saw him in Kilmainham before. He played for just under an hour. Tickets were a similar price. I wasn’t best pleased.


Typical Italian.


Last chance to see him etc, I think I’ll go.


Fuck that’s steep ? What does he sing?


I think he whistles mostly


Well he can whistle Dixie at 138 notes, kid…


He just waves his wand around.

He is the conductor of an orchestra as well.


That’s what LCD Soundsystem said.


Didn’t get fuckin tickets to that. What age is Morricone? He could die at any minute so more legitimately likely to be a last gig.


Morricone was only in Ireland about 3 years ago as @Fagan_ODowd alluded to.


Yes I know but I don’t think it was billed as his final concert in Ireland that time. On a related note I try to go see Bob Dylan every time he plays here as I am convinced that if I miss him he will go away and die and I’ll have missed my last chance to see him.


Lot of event junkies on here looking to check in live on Facebook when Morricone has a banger on stage.


Once is enough to see most of these coffin dodgers.


It takes one to know one I suppose.


Fuck it… word is spreading… Bon Iver and some members of the National playing secret gig this Friday in the triskel… tickets in the cafe this Friday… Ill be front and centre.