Gigs coming up


PLaying Limerick also at Habitat. Strange venue but it seems they’re booking All the Irish dates


Really enjoying The National live from Cork. Guilty Party with Lisa Hannigan and Justin Vernon was just spectacular there. :clap:


I did. He was goosed. No encore.


no good no? never heard him live but have listened to a couple of his albums


Martin Hayes and Denis Cahill in St Luke’s church in November…


The National in Vicar Street tonight.

Pubs around Thomas Street will be nice mix of hipsters and locals who have been drinking since lunchtime watching de dubz


I’ve seen him before and he was absolutely awesome. Last night was fun, but he was hammered, he was far from top of his game and his support singers were carrying him a bit. A pity. Still fun, but a bit disappointing. I’d still buy tickets to see him again next time without pause.


fucksake…and he is brilliant a mix of hip hop dub and reggae…


Impromptu decided to go to chilli peppers last night, picked up a cheap ticket outside. Haven’t listened to them in years forgot how good they can be, great fun.


They were played way too much around 05-08 … think they played Ireland every year for about 5 years… but you would forget about some of their older stuff alright - some some good fun rock n roll.


Thouroughly pleasant night at Grizzly Bear last night.


I am going to see Sting next week. It’s a night out innit?


A fairly shit one I’d say but yeah, a night out.


Kendrick Lamar tickets on sale at 9 am chaps. Will not be going myself.


Are you bringing clients?


No, the wife. Lookit, it’s something to do. Andrea Bocelli next month.


Ah sure it’ll be grand to get out together.


@TheUlteriorMotive will you be going to see Billy Joel next June in the Aviva?


Indeed, quality time like. And me counting the hours down to the flight back for the county final.


New album is a whopper