Gigs coming up



3 wankers.


Going to Leftfield tomorrow night.


Where are they playing bro?


Metropolis in the RDS unfortunately. Playing Leftism. Went to similar gig when they did it in Black Box a good few years ago. Fucking deadly.


Me too Horsey mate!! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Will your Kerry contact be supplying pills?


Liam Gallagher is Box Office.


I’ll meet you to the left of the main stage at 10:06 precisely and we’ll do a few bumps. I’ll be wearing a navy t-shirt with an acid smiley face on it.


Shhhhhhh for fuck sake.




odd and incorrect headline


Bringing the kids to their first ever gig next Friday. Joanne Shaw Taylor at the Bridgewater Hall


Do the kids know who she is?


They do. I’ve played them some. They know they’re going if they’re good also.
My lad has an odd taste in music for his age. First thing he downloaded when I got him an amazon prime account when he was 10, was led zeppelin, which I’d never played him.
His favourite song is hobo man.


I sense some tantrums and misbehaviour coming on


Nothing new then.


Any decisions made?


Would he have been inspired by your new biker persona perhaps?


Inspired by my hobo man persona more likely