Gigs coming up


Has the listened to “The Deluge” yet?


He’s sick of it I’d say.


You need to educate him on his Manchester / North Western roots, mate - The Smiths / Stone Roses / Doves / Joy Division / The Fall to name a few.


I love this.


The beat in this always gets me going …


Went to see Mayo man Séamus Fogarty in the Working Mens Club tonight. Lovely gig.


Want a cornish pasty?


I think he’s offering you some sort of gay sex act here @Fagan_ODowd, thread carefully unless you want his finger up your bum.


@caulifloweredneanderthal this chap is playing in Limerick. You might like it.


That’s the night of the match, I’d stroll down on your solid recommendation what with you bring the best poster on TFK only I’d hate to miss the game, doors at 7 :unamused:


Yep hoping to head down alright. Like that Carlow town song or whatever the hell it’s called


It’s a gig in limerick mate, you’d be lucky if it started by 10.30/11


I’d say the doors at seven are for good reason, thisvhsp might like early nights,
I’ll be out and about on Saturday night so I’ll keep my ears open


He was on stage at 930 last night. There was a support act that you could skip. He did Carlow Town very well. He is a complete Mayo roaster from Shwinford.



Tomorrow night.


Sunday night. Manchester


Albert hall?


O2? I think. It was the Albert Hall the last time.


O2 is much bigger and nowhere near as nice.